There were once two gringos called Spare Rib and Nash Ville from Santa Mesquite. They needed the money. They played shows. They got busted. In jail they met another gringo: Tea Bone, the man with the very fast fingers. Then there was Bud Wizer. He's the one who got them out of this not so nice place using a fair bit of dynamite. They called themselves SRNVTBBW and played their freedom hymns in the saloons. After a while, Spare Rib and Bud Wizer felt the need to find more gold in other valleys. They were up on their horses and gone as dear friends and honorable members of the pack. But pure luck was on Tea Bone and Nash Ville's side: they found wonderful Miss She Riff while she was taking care of her girls in a legendary saloon – and Mr. Hihat Earp who got lost somewhere in the desert searching for his famous grandgrandfather.

Together they founded TACO (as in: The Alternative Country Organization) travelled the country, stole horses, wagons, guns and gold before they decided to move back to Santa Mesquite and write original tunes to make some original money and get them people dancing and yelling like hell.

The result is called «Eleven Shells», TACOs debut release – now available at your favourite record store. And soon on the web.

In early 2016 Mr. Hihat Earp was arrested straight away from the stage at Volkshaus Bern. But TACO wouldn't be TACO if there wasn't a quick and very good solution: Mr. Zak Ramento joined TACO on the drum stool! AND THERE'S EVEN MORE GOOD NEWS: Mr. Spare Rib came back from his goldrush journey and joined TACO to work the fiddle and join the mic. PLUS: Spare took along a dear old friend, Mr. Box Horne who's now duelling Tea Bone with his electric guitar and also shouts in the mic.


Now, to make a long story short again...


TACO is:


Mrs. She Riff, upright bass and vocals

Tea Bone, electric guitars and vocals

Zak Ramento, drums

Box Horne, electric guitars and vocals

Spare Rib, fiddle and vocals

Nash Ville, acoustic guitar and vocals


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